Where are the FEMA Camps? Right In Front of You...
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Where are the FEMA Camps? Right In Front of You…

Where are the FEMA Camps? Right In Front of You…

Dave Hodges
December 8th, 2013
Common Sense Show

HTFplan Editor’s Note: Over the last couple of decades there have been reports of FEMA relocation camps being built across the continental United States. Detractors say they don’t exist, often citing the lack of official confirmation from elected officials for the initiative as their proof. If the government actually had FEMA refugee and re-education facilities they’d have told us, right, because they’ve been so transparent about everything else? Apparently, even when leaked government documents show proof of the existence of these resettlement camps, it’s not enough for those who don’t want to open their eyes.

Most people simply refuse to believe that the U.S. government would build such facilities, yet the evidence suggests that they are not only real, but being actively staffed by the federal government and U.S. military. It would only make sense, wouldn’t it? The Department of Homeland Security has already been war gaming scenarios that include everything from widespread economic collapse to massive natural disasters, all of which could lead to mass refugee evacuations of America’s metropolitan areas. Where would those people go in an emergency? Where will they get food? Where will the government house tens of thousands of protesters and rioters should the financial system collapse and martial law be declared as was suggested would be the case in 2008 if Congress had not acted to bail out financial markets?

The answers are pretty clear if you consider that the goal of this government in any large crisis is to maintain control. 

FEMA camps are real, and for those who refuse to believe it, take the time to read the following article from Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show, where he highlights the fact that just about every major metropolitan city in America has these facilities at the ready for when the time comes.

Moreover, Dave explores how these camps will be operated and how you and your family will be segregated for your own safety in the event of a serious crisis.

The NFL’s Role In the Coming Martial Law
by Dave Hodges

Houston's Reliant Stadium - Hurricane Katrina Refugees
(Pictured: Thousands of refugees at Houston’s Reliant Stadium in the
aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. A similar scene played out in the
New Orleans Super Dome and Dallas’ Reunion Arena)

Whatever happened to just playing football? When I used to watch an NFL game on television, I only wanted to watch the game. I never appreciated listening to their liberal political agenda often being spewed out by their talking heads such as Bob Costas.

The NFL and Its Globalist Agenda

The NFL now represents the antithesis of everything that comprises the backbone of traditional American values. I love the game of football. Football was one of the sports that I grew up playing and I later coached the sport as a former head coach in the high school ranks prior to moving to coach college basketball. I thoroughly enjoyed the competition at every level both as a player and a coach. However, the NFL has taken all the fun out of the game, because the league spouts the mantra of the globalist forces which seek to enslave us.

The NFL Is An Extension of the TSA

The NFL has decided it is not enough for Americans to be abused by the TSA at the airport, the NFL has become the newest version of the TSA.

This past November, as I have done so many times before, I was planning to drive my family from Arizona to San Diego to watch my favorite sports team, the Denver Broncos, play the San Diego Chargers. We were also going to turn the event into a mini-vacation.

However, I discovered the NFL has become an extension of the TSA. Subsequently, the NFL has rolled out the new DHS ”anti-terrorism” security measures at all stadiums.

The Hodges family vacation plans were cancelled. In fact, I have attended my last NFL game under the new Sovietization of the National Football League.

The National Football League has instituted new security rules at all stadiums which bans certain items. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to: purses larger than a clutch bag, coolers, briefcases, backpacks, fanny packs, cinch bags, seat cushions, luggage of any kind, computer bags and camera bags or any bag larger than the permissible size.” And, they have granted themselves the “right” to touch you anywhere, in their enhanced pat downs from the ankles and above. Welcome to Police State America, NFL style.


The People React

In an Arizona Republic newspaper article (8/18/2013, B1, B6), people weighed in on the new NFL policies.

Sue Kish, 48, while attending an Arizona Cardinals game, found that she and her two daughters were told that their clear plastic container, designed to replace her banned purse, was too large and she would have to return her belongings to her car. Kish proceeded back to her car with her two daughters in tow. All three expressed frustration including her daughter, Natalie, as she asked if she had to “…put our tampons in a clear plastic bag? (Az Republic, B1).” Natalie gets it. Some people get it, but most Americans don’t, as they continue to tolerate the increasing level of tyranny in this country as evidenced by the following quote made by Heather Gunderson, an Arizona Cardinals season-ticket holder, who was quoted in the Arizona Republic about her response to the new invasive NFL security rules.

“It is kind of a nuisance…but I do understand the rule. It’s a whole new world, and you’ve got to follow the rules and regulations and be safe”.

Obviously, Ms. Gunderson never grasped the teachings of Ben Franklin and the folly of trading liberty for security in her high school history class. Henderson is correct about one thing: it is a whole new world, as in the New World Order. The Gunderson quote is typical of our citizen sheep and her views represents why I believe we are losing our country. We have largely lost the ability to think for ourselves. Most of our people fail to appreciate where America is heading. Clearly, our national tyranny meters are turned off. Oh, I know, we have to worry about the terrorists. Since the first casualty on the war on terror has been the Constitution, I think we have pretty much lost that war.

The people that acquiesce to this tyranny would likely tell you that America is the best nation in the world. If you are a sheep, you probably believe the old Bush propaganda when he said “they” hate us because of our freedoms. Really?

Continue reading at Where are the FEMA Camps? Right In Front of You….

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