Which 60k Americans Are Considered Modern Day Slaves?
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Which 60k Americans Are Considered Modern Day Slaves?

Which 60k Americans Are Considered Modern Day Slaves?

Susanne PoselOccupy Corporatism

October 18, 2013

According to the Global Slavery Index (GSI), has published a report stating that three quarters of the world, which translates to 29.8 million people, are living in modern global slaves.

The overall tone of the report asserts that with more governmental oversight, stricter laws enforced and political over-reaching control, the threat of modern slavery can be abolished.

Women, ethnic groups and children are forced into bondage and deemed worthless by social perception and therefore receive less community protections.

In America, although the modern slave rate is estimated at 0.02%, that still translates to 5,000 US citizens being indentured servants. In the entirety of the GSI definition of slave, there are 60,000 Americans alone who fall under this category.

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India was estimated as having 14 million human slaves which could also be understood as the population of the state of Pennsylvania as being modern slaves.

GSI “provides a ranking of 162 countries, reflecting a combined measure of three factors: estimated prevalence of modern slavery by population, a measure of child marriage, and a measure of human trafficking in and out of a country.”

The countries with the highest incidents of modern slavery include:

• Haiti
• Pakistan
• India

• Nepal

Nations with the highest numbers of enslaved people include:

• India
• China
• Pakistan
• Ethiopia
• Russia
• Thailand

Shockingly, in some countries, 4% of the population are enslaved wherein the majority of children born in those regions are born into slavery; used or sold by their own parents.

In Mauritania, 1 out of 25 citizens are in some form of indentured servitude.

Unlike the image of slaves we have been given from the past, modern slaves are understood as people forced into labor, prostitution, child soldiers, child brides; as well as indentured servitude and

humans are chattel under absolute ownership.

The report states that the cause of these conditions is trends such as:

  • Developed nations have lowest slavery rates
  • “Effective government policies, rule of law, political stability and development levels” reduce probability of slavery
  • Severe governmental punishment of those perpetrating the feudal conditions deter those who might enslave others

The cause of the problem could be found in a study released by the Swiss Federal Institute last year.

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