Whistleblower Terminated from Northwestern for Revealing Human Experimentation
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Whistleblower Terminated from Northwestern for Revealing Human Experimentation

Whistleblower Terminated from Northwestern for Revealing Human Experimentation

By NRajamannan | Posted October 6, 2013

Mitral regurgitation Grade III (scheme)

Mitral regurgitation Grade III (scheme) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Baltimore, Maryland

The denial of tenure is the path to the truth

 Statement from Nalini M. Rajamannan, MD, FACC, FAHA- See Ireport


Why would a bright and promising cardiologist be fired from the University hospital that she had practiced at since 2000?

Apparently, protecting her patients is grounds for dismissal. At least, that is the case at Northwestern University in Illinois.

Despite being promoted to Valve Director in 2006, Dr. Nalini M. Rajamannan was terminated in 2008 after reporting the use of non-FDA approved, experimental medical devices being implanted in patients without their knowledge.

The doctor conducting these human experiments, Dr. Patrick McCarthy, was testing his own inventions, an IMR annuloplasty device and a Myxo annuloplasty device manufactured by Edwards Lifescience.

These devices had not been approved by the FDA and even now, many patients have no idea that they have these experimental devices in their bodies.

One Patient’s Experience

Dr. Rajamannan first discovered this deception in July 2007 when one of her patients, Antonitsa Vlahoulis, required a second surgery to replace the Myxo annuloplasty device less than a year after it was implanted.

Ms. Vlahoulis questioned why the device she had was not the one listed on her pre-op brochure.

Discussing her experience, Ms. Vlahoulis stated:

“When I had my consult with Dr. McCarthy, he told me that I had severe Mitral valve prolapse. He said with the severity of my valve, he would most likely have to replace the valve with a pig valve or prosthetic. He explained the difference between the two. He also stated that his specialty was saving the valve by repairing it with a mitral valve ring. He never mentioned what type of ring, or that he was an inventor and he had designed a ring for this purpose.”

She went on to say:

“He told me I would feel like a new person immediately after my surgery. I knew as soon as I woke up from the surgery that I was in trouble. I did not feel like a new person. My breathing felt a lot worse. I had a lot of complications only to find out he had implanted a device he had just invented and start implanting in patients one month before me.

I was never asked to sign an informed consent, nor was I advised that I was part of an experimental trial.”

Ms. Vlahoulis said that by the time she had the device removed, the experimental ring had caused stenosis. She also needed her tricuspid valve repaired and now has a permanent pacemaker. She says she continues to have shortness of breath upon exertion as well as other heart issues. Her question remains unanswered:

“How can you place a non FDA device in a patient without their consent and knowledge? What century are we living in?”

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– See more at: http://www.thedailysheeple.com/6-more-cases-of-mers-virus-in-saudi-arabia-with-the-hajj-just-a-week-away_102013#sthash.s09Z4mDg.dpuf

via Whistleblower Terminated from Northwestern for Revealing Human Experimentation:Top Secret Writers – CNN iReport.

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