Wood Stoves 2 -Keeping Warm This Winter- Alternate Solutions
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Wood Stoves 2 -Keeping Warm This Winter- Alternate Solutions

Wood Stoves 2 -Keeping Warm This Winter- Alternate Solutions

by Ralph Ritchie Posted on October 19, 2013

Whether or not you have a wood stove does not reduce the need for keeping warm. There are several things you can do without needing a bankroll to do them. The book, Home Energy Tips, Low- and No-Cost solutions To Home Energy Problems- In a power hungry culture. We’ll sample the book’s highlights in this article.

What The Energy Aware Home should have:


energy (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Insulated walls, floors, and ceiling.
We have progressed from sawdust, to chopped newspaper ( called cellulose ), to fiberglass pads, and finally to sprayed urethane foam, but insulation is a primary solution to heat loss.
In earlier times, tapestries and even blankets were hung on walls for added insulation.
Try not to locate your bed against an outside wall to sleep warmer.

Next to doorways, windows are the greatest heat loss sources. Heavy curtains or draperies, or even blocking all or half of each window will save a LOT of energy. Double-pane windows cut losses in half.

Heat traps on all exit doors.
Every outside door should have a foyer, mud room, or even a blanket to block the direct path of heat to outside.

Floor coverings.
Carpets or rugs add to floor insulation.

Lowest energy-rated food refrigerator.
High-end refrigerators can be energy-hogs. Disable ice-makers, auto defrost in a pinch. This cuts the E-bill, but doesn’t make you warmer.

Passive Solar Heating.
There are several ways to heat a house using passive solar heating. They are detailed in the book mentioned.
For nearly fifty years, we have heated our homes with this method. Currently, in Oregon, with snow on the ground, the solar heated air comes into the room at 140F, without expending any additional energy. We can maintain 72F in the house during winter days. That is Free Heat when the sun is shining. Of course we must manufacture heat during the rest of the day- same as everyone else.

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