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John Doe Patriot 

  1. John Doe Patriot Prepper
  2. Prepper John
  3. Free or Death
Join John Doe Patriot in discussing what it means to be a Patriot, what it is all about, and everything you ever wanted to know about them.  He will explain how you too can band together with others in your area and others to do what Patriots do...Defend The Constitution.

Tonight he will give you some of the expectations of a patriot and guidelines you should know about.  But more than just a patriot, don't you want to know what issues they defend and standards they uphold?

Join us every [email protected]:00 EST- 6:00 Central for John Doe Patriot and more information on Constitutional issues we face, current events and ways you too can support those who would fight for your rights and theirs.


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