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New Life On A Homestead Show with Kendra

New Life On A Homestead
This is the journal of a Southern California girl trying to learn her way around in the country. I love living in the South now, but it took many years before I adjusted…
Growing up on the beautiful West Coast, in warm and sunny weather, surrounded by beautiful people and places was paradise; life was good… wasn’t it??
Until one day when my teenage life was abruptly uprooted and I found myself on the other side of the world, or so it felt, living in the middle of nowhere in the Bible Belt South. Talk about major culture shock! At first, I hated it. I was lost and longed for the glamor of home. But after a couple of years, this new slower paced living started to grow on me.
I began to contemplate life, and true happiness, and my perception of the “good life” slowly began to change. I realized that I had grown tired of fast city living, rude, self-centered people and a superficial lifestyle. And as I got a little older and found the Lord, I started to realize that this new simpler life brought me much more joy
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