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Prepper Intelligence
with Jay Olliver

Prepper Intelligence is the Intelligence Wing of the Paladin Network - dedicated to providing up to date news and highlight key situations both at home and abroad; by analysis of the various news sources. 

P.I. offers a potential for the prepping communities to be a step ahead in any emerging threat.
'Prepper-Intelligence' -  will be looking at current events via the lens of preppers and survivalist.  Covering current news and events from around the world and discussing how these might impact preppers.

This is an extension of 
a Facebook page that's been running for a while as an offshoot of the Paladin Network. 

 With a small team of dedicated preppers and survivalists that focus on high-end intelligence.  

This will be a show to tune into and get informed about the current and potential future threats that might be on the horizon.  Informative and thought-provoking.

Show Archives 2019

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Show Archives 2018


12/17/18                   IMF Warning, Protests and more on Prepper Intelligence

12/3/18                     Collapse, Ebola, and Paris Shutdown on Prepper Intelligence

11/19/18                    Earthquakes, Brexit, and Wildfires on Prepper Intelligence

11/12/18                    Wildfires, Migrants on the March and More on Prepper Intelligence

11/5/18                      Peace or Troops on Prepper Intelligence

10/29/18                   Human Caravan, Shootings, and Russian War Preparations on Prepper Intelligence

10/22/18                    Mad Cow, Typhus, and Attacks on Prepper Intelligence

10/15/18                     Yemen, storm Leslie, and more on Prepper Intelligence

10/8/18                       Ricin Envelopes, NATO Deployment and More on Prepper Intelligence

10/1/18                        Indonesia Tsunami, Monkey Pox and more on Prepper Intelligence

9/24/18                       Prepper Intelligence with Jay Olliver- Prepping, World News, & More....

9/10/18                       Acid Attack, Monkeypox, Cyber Threat and more on Prepper Intelligence

9/3/18                         ISIS Calling, Global Currency, and more on Prepper Intelligence

8/27/18                       Worlds End? Measels, cholera and more on Prepper Intelligence

8/13/18                       Resource concerns, Violence in Buenos Aires and more on Prepper Intelligence

8/6/18                         NK Nukes, Assasinations, Brexit and more on Prepper Intelligence

7/30/18                        London violence and other news on Prepper intelligence

7/23/18                        Yellowstone, Iran, EU & More on Prepper Intelligence

7/16/18                        Prepper Intelligence news on Haiti and other notes.

7/9/18                          Cave Rescue, North Korea Nuke Deal and More on Prepper Intelligence

7/2/18                          Prepper news topics with Jay Olliver of Prepper Intelligence

6/25/18                       Prepper Intelligence with Jay Olliver Debut

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