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Prepper Video's
Y​Sweet Bread Making​​
Chicken  Puff's Making
Making your own deodorant is a great way of saving money. Instead of paying a couple dollars for a stick of deodorant at the store, you can make your own for pennies.
​DYI Homemade Laundry Soap
So, are you ready to make your own laundry detergent & rack up the savings?
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​Making Simple Cheese at Home.
You only need three ingredients; Milk, salt, and lime juice or vinegar. That's right you don't need rennet, tartaric acid, calcium chloride, etc. to make cheese.

​Shotgun Cleaning for New Gun Owners. How-To clean a shotgun, A universal shotgun cleaning kit can be used with all gauge shotguns. The basic procedure, without breaking down your gun is the same for all types of shotguns, such as the pump, semi-automatic and single or double barrel shotgun.
First and foremost ensure your gun is unloaded before attempting to clean.

Dental floss, with its convenient and lightweight packaging, is a great stealth outdoor tool to bring along with you on your next trip into the wilderness. Oh, and did I forget to mention, make sure you save enough to floss your teeth. Stitching a wound, Thread for sewing, Fishing line, Rope, Clothes Line, Repair a Net, Emergency Shoelaces, Replace a screw, Seal connections, Fishing Net, Snares, To Hang Small Items, Cookie saver, Remove a Ring Stuck on your Finger.ur customer
Small Squirrel trapping with a surprise of a baby possum. Review of a small live humane trap for small game.
10 Most needed Items of a Preppers Survival pack.
​How To Store Gas Safely.
If you plan to store the gasoline for more than a few months you should add a preservative such as Sta-Bil. Add the preservative to the fresh gasoline when the can is filled. The makers of Sta-Bil state their product will preserve gasoline for 12 months or, if you double the dose, two years. Preservatives will NOT restore spoiled gasoline.

​Each A23 battery is constructed of eight individual LR932 alkaline button cells. Using a small screwdriver you can peel away the outer housing of the A23 (there's a split in the label/housing) revealing a piece of paper. Inside that paper you'll find a stack of eight 1.5-volt LR932 button cells which may be separated and used individually. That's a $40 value inside each A23 battery.
​Automotive 12 volt battery cleaning, maintaining, and fixing. Many Preppers experience difficulty starting their vehicles at some point or another. Sometimes, a major part is to blame, but most of the time this frustrating event is caused by buildup on the battery terminals. Learning how to clean corroded car battery terminals will avoid unnecessary expenses and worry.
Preppers 9v battery hack in an emergency by Survival-Warehouse.com
In an emergency survival situation you could hack a 9 volt battery to power 2 way communication devices and possibly small flashlights.
To open a 9V battery, Find the seam in the metal case and pry up the edge with a screwdriver. Then take a pair of needle nose pliers and peel away the metal.

A must see video!
How to Make Char Cloth with John Milandred.
Char-cloth ignites with even the smallest spark and is therefore commonly used with a flint and steel. It will ignite with the spark of two rocks or with a lighter as long as you are getting at least a spark from that old lighter.

A must see video
The Art of Fire Making by Survival-Warehouse.com with John Milandred. Making simple fire with many things. This is a simple how to Video.

​How To Basic Brain Tanning by:John Milandred

This is a basic Brain Tanning video used by the pioneers. Starter for any Prepper and Survivalist.

​Pioneer no yeast Donut Recipes and cooking in the outdoors. A 4 in one, Donuts, ash cakes, biscuits, and bread.
​Our little girl washing on a old washboard. Washing clothes the old fashion way is a way of life for us. She always wants to help.your customer
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