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The Family Preparedness Hour

with The Preaching Prepper

     The Family Preparedness Hour with the Preaching Prepper,

The purpose of this show is to help and encourage those who have started on the road of preparedness.That first step is always the scariest, and it's one that should never be taken alone. From my own experience of starting the journey, I understand the fears and pitfalls one faces. My goal is to help guide you through what seems like an endless cavern of preparedness, as you figure where to look for equipment, what equipment is necessary, what foods to store up, where and how to expand your knowledge, but most importantly: how to get your family on board. I am here to encourage you through my own experiences and through Biblical truths.

So hop on board and know that you are not alone.

 Be sure to join me on the live show;
Every Sunday @ 8:00p.m. EDT / 7:00p.m. CST

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